Mae Clayton-Brown, CCHt

Energy Balancing with Clinical Hypnosis and Life coaching

Professional since 1993

Preferred contact information:
(507) 263-7957
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Mae has had an intriguing journey towards choosing her life’s work that began with using Reiki to heal herself.  As she received Reiki, changes occurred that transformed her physically and emotionally challenged body to be healthy and thriving. It was then that she was moved to share this ancient Japanese healing modality with others and to study Clinical Hypnosis.  As she then witnessed many others heal she has continued to dedicate her life to assisting people in discovering their true potential to heal and live authentic full lives.

“When you heal the known and the unknown, you open your life in amazing ways.”

Education and training

  • Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapy, Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy (2002)
  • Hypnotic life Coaching, Wyoming College (2005)
  • Usui Reiki master (1993)
  • Reiki Fire 1

Those who would benefit:

  • Those wanting to live and learn to have more balanced lives
  • Those interested in removing old habits and blocks
  • Those who want to explore and define their desired goals

Services and Rates:

  • Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapy – 90 minutes/$100
  • Life Coaching – 4 sessions/$370
  • Reiki – 60 minutes/$70
  • Past Life Regression – 60 minutes/$70   90 minutes/$100

All the services Mae offers can be combined or used individually to create a session that allows for healing and growth.

Mae is a CCHt, reiki MP-T and a Member of ACHE