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Truly, where ever you enter under our Tree,
you’ll find our practitioners Supporting your Health and Well Being

Barbara Becksted

Barbara enjoys her rural life with family, 19 grandkids, Berner pups, woods and gardens. Creating a center that brings complementary healthcare to the area is a life long journey, labor of love.

Naomi Estes-Tullo

Naomi and family live near Welch in her great-grandfather’s 1870’s farmhouse. After careers in music & computer research, her own health drew her to energy medicine; being a natural fit for helping others.

Tara Schwagmeyer

Tara lives in rural Cannon Falls with her husband Carl and her 2 dogs, Buddy and Bella.  She loves the calmness of country living and the adventures it provides!

Brenda Safe

Brenda has deep roots, being a Cannon Falls native. Her family includes  4 grandchildren that fill her heart! Strength focused, she is a weightlift and fitness enthusiast.

Diane Witte

Diane loves her work, learning and teaching her clients about self-care at every opportunity. She loves being in nature; she loves drumming; and she dearly loves her animals. These things feed her soul.

Robbin Thrailkill M.A.

Robbin considers Minnesota her “home” after experiencing many other places. Her passion and joy include exploring nature, animals, and a deep connection with family and friends.

Mae Clayton-Brown

Mae is a wife, mother. Grandmother, friend and has many fur family members.  She enjoys home, nature and small town life. Teaching others is one of her great passions.