Body-centered (Somatic) Psychotherapy

The word “somatic “ comes from the Greek word “soma” meaning the living body in its entirety—muscles, tissues, motions, breath, movement, sensations, emotions and feelings. This form of psychotherapy uses a holistic approach which is based on the theory that we hold our history and emotion in our bodies. This work assists clients to recognize the body has natural intelligence, that when explored offers a new depth of self understanding/awareness to inform the true balance of body, mind and spirit.


Energy Therapy/Brennan Healing Science

Energy Medicine recognizes everything as energy – bodies, feelings, thoughts, memories, sounds…everything. Naomi works with clients using conversation and hands-on-healing to clear and stabilize their
energy. This can restore the natural flow of that energy and recover balance and improved health. Clogged or congested energy can show up as illness, confusion, addiction, pain or other symptoms. Naomi talks with clients to examine experiences, habits and thoughts to help them understand what is impacting their energy distortions. For more information:


Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapy

Mae offers clinical hypnosis to teach her clients to use a deep relaxation state to address issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, pain relief, or self-improvement. She specializes also in PTSD Hypnotherapy and past life regression.


Rosen Method Bodywork

Rosen Method uses gentle direct touch to listen to the body and responsive words that allow a person to become aware of the happenings in their body thus connecting with unconscious patterns of muscular holding, feeling and behavior. Research has shown enhanced physical health, increased body awareness, reduction of depressed feelings, anxiety and stress: lower perceived levels of pain and fatigue: support for personal growth and increase in ability to self-initiate life changes and transitions. For more information:


Life Hypno Coaching

Individuals who engage in a coaching partnership can expect to experience fresh perspective on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced decision making, deeper self -awareness and confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life goals.



Reiki is an ancient Japanese vibrational healing practice that is used to create balance throughout the body’s entire energy system. Reiki uses light touch and hands above body to work with the subtle chakra/energy fields that surround and penetrate the body for healing.

Healing Touch

This complementary healing method uses energy-based techniques to balance and align the energy system of the body. A gentle touch is used to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself and come back into balance. Healing touch is endorsed by the Holistic Nurses Association and complements personal growth and medical treatments. Can be incorporated into your massage treatment.

Addiction Recovery Coaching

Robbin offers a person-centered strength based coaching for persons struggling with an addiction or strengthening their recovery. For those who wish to have additional support in the recovery process from alcohol, drugs or other substances. This service is also available for those impacted by loved ones with addiction or recovery.


Conscious Breath & Awareness

Breathing is one of the simplest things in the world. We breathe in, out. Given the simplicity of breathing, one would think it was easiest thing to do! The way in which we breathe is a direct correlation to the way we approach our lives and how we react to life within us and around us. Recovering the essential nature of our breath and developing awareness present practices allows us to step into living in a manner which is rich and fulfilling. The power of conscious breath is a miraculous healing strategy that had been used for millennia. Breathing practices impact our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. Sessions offered for individuals or groups.