Fundamentals of Meditation

Dr. Dean Ornish tells us: “Meditation is power.  Whatever you do, meditation can help you do it better.”   

This is a course for those who are simply curious as well as those looking to deepen their current practice. 

This five-week course is very basic – intended to simplify and demystify the practice.  It provides some basic “how to” instruction, gives you opportunities to experiment and ask questions, and see for yourself what meditation can do for you.  Once you have the basics it can truly be effortless.  Class sizes are kept to four students or less.  Private instruction is available if that feels more comfortable for you.

Tuesdays –  August 15th – September 12th  (10-11am)

Thursdays  – August 17th – September 14th  (7-8pm)

The fee for the five-class series is $100.

Private instruction $30 per session.

Instructor: Naomi Estes-Tullo

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