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Body Centered Psychotherapy

Body-Centered (Somatic)

The word “somatic “ comes from the Greek word “soma” meaning the living body in its entirety—muscles, tissues, motions, breath, movement, sensations, emotions and feelings. This form of psychotherapy uses a holistic approach which is based on the theory that we hold our history and emotion in our bodies. This work assists clients to recognize the body has natural intelligence, that when explored offers a new depth of self understanding/awareness to inform the true balance of body, mind and spirit.


Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a therapy that was developed for to address trauma and now has been widely used to aid in treating many different mental issues. It accesses the brains natural healing abilities through bilateral stimulation (alternating stimulation of both sides of the body through eye movement, tapping, or sound) to assist in reprocessing distressing memories/traumas into neutral memories. This is an 8 phase therapy (history taking, resourcing, assessment, desensitization, instillation, body scan, re-evaluation and closure). Length of therapy varies from person to person.

Rosen Method

Rosen Method uses gentle direct touch to listen to the body and responsive words that allow a person to become aware of the happenings in their body thus connecting with unconscious patterns of muscular holding, feeling, and behavior. Research has shown enhanced physical health, increased body awareness, reduction of depressed feelings, anxiety, and stress: lower perceived levels of pain and fatigue. Rosen Method extends support for one to come to realize who they truly are by learning ways to deeply listen to their body’s voice and what it needs.

Energy Therapy


Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is not a religion and is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using guided life force energy, light touch, and hands above the body.

Reiki is a natural and safe method that may assist in the unblocking of stagnant or excess of energy to promote relaxation, pain relief, relieve stress, speed healing, and move an individual towards overall ease and wellbeing on all levels-physical, mental and emotional.



“Meditation is power.  Whatever you do, meditation can help you do it better.”  Dean Ornish, M.D.

Meditation is simply turning the mind inward to gently focus on the silence.  It is natural and effortless with some instruction. There are many basic benefits of meditation.  It is credited with reducing stress, fatigue, blood pressure, pain intensity, anxiety, and depression.  Some practitioners report increased energy and mental clarity. For many, it has been very helpful in the support of addiction recovery.  These are only a few of the benefits documented by research.

Sessions are available for groups in classes or private sessions for individuals.

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Recovery Life Coaching

This is a person-centered strength based support for persons struggling with an addiction or strengthening their recovery. For those who wish to have additional support in the recovery process from alcohol, drugs or other substances. Recovery coaching accelerates the individuals’ progress in recovery by creating greater focus and awareness of choices, actions, and personal responsibility. Coaching focuses on where the client is now and the process of moving forward with the “next right step”. Sessions are also available to offer support to family and loved ones of persons still in active addiction or working on their recovery.

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Conscious Breath
& Awareness

Breathing is one of the simplest things in the world. We breathe in, out. Given the simplicity of breathing, one would think it was easiest thing to do! The way in which we breathe is a direct correlation to the way we approach our lives and how we react to life within us and around us. Recovering the essential nature of our breath and developing awareness present practices allows us to step into living in a manner which is rich and fulfilling. The power of conscious breath is a miraculous healing strategy that had been used for millennia. Breathing practices impact our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. Offering for Individual Sessions and Group Classes.

Acacia Studios - Healing Touch

Healing Touch

This complementary healing method uses energy-based techniques to balance and align the energy system of the body. A gentle touch is used to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself and come back into balance. Healing touch is endorsed by the Holistic Nurses Association and complements personal growth and medical treatments. Can be incorporated into your massage treatment.

Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy/
Brennan Healing Science

Energy Medicine recognizes everything as energy – bodies, feelings, thoughts, memories, sounds…everything. Clogged or congested energy in the body can show up as illness, confusion, addiction, pain or other symptoms. In this form of work clients are invited to step out of what they normally think about when considering their health in order to see and experience themselves differently.   In Energy Therapy, clients are guided to examine experiences, habits and thoughts to help them identify and understand what is causing the energy distortions behind their symptoms. The intention is to get inner obstacles out of the way in order to restore the natural flow of that energy, recover balance, and allow the body to heal and health to improve.  Sessions include a conversation with the client, followed by hands-on-healing to clear and stabilize their energy.  For many, the experience of energy therapy is deeply relaxing and leaves them with a deep sense of well-being.

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