USUI/HOLY FIRE® III Reiki 1 and 2



Reiki 1 is about learning the history of Reiki and Holy Fire® III Reiki. The participants attending experience the first placement of the Holy Fire IIIÒ Reiki energy. The participant also learns basic hand positions to practice Reiki on others as well as themselves.  

Reiki 2 is the second day of the course with some introduction to it on the first day. During Reiki 2, the person learns more techniques and tools to use while practicing Reiki. The participant experiences the second placement of Holy Fire IIIÒ Reiki and learns about Usui Reiki symbols that are used to access different dimensions of healing. The participant practices with others in the class gaining more confidence with their connection to the Reiki energy. The participants practice distance healing as well as practicing how to use their intuition to guide the healing process. During the placement process, mental and/or emotional blocks are cleared to help you move forward in your own healing journey so that you can help others.

Cost: $495. $175 deposit and remaining balance due on the day of the class. Class size is limited. Register ahead of time.
Instructor: Kristy Burgess
Email or
Call 952-283-9283 to sign up or inquire further

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